Words are already started pouring down that “TENET” emerged as a master piece before its release world wide in theaters.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros released the Christopher Nolan‘s TENET movie behind exclusive scenes on their Youtube channel.

TENET Behind the Scenes Featurette Released: IMAX Cameras Everywhere! -  Y.M.Cinema - News & Insights on Digital Cinema
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Featuring interviews with the cast, including John David Washington, Elizabeth Debicki, and Robert Pattinson, the new featurette shows just how much craft went into the blockbuster thriller. There’s discussion over how the time manipulation element came into play, the stunt work some of the actors had to endure, and a closer look at some of the real international locations where the film was shot.

The featurette even shares a brief preview of a sequence featuring a real plane crashing into a building. As the team working on Tenet revealed, it was all achieved with pratical effects and a real plane. “No one’s doing this stuff,” remarked Pattinson.

I think the audience is always aware on some level, of the difference between things that are animated and something that’s been photographed.

Christopher Nolan

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