There has been much buzz about this year’s much awaiting Christopher Nolan’s upcoming espionage film TENET, when the makers dropped its first trailer in December 2019. Since then, Nolan fans have been coming with several theories. Some of their theories got better when Warner Bros. Pictures released its second trailer this morning.

Check it below..

The trailer opens with Martin Donovan telling Washington, “All I have for you is a word…tenet. It’ll open the right doors, some of the wrong ones, too. Use it carefully.” It seems like Washington’s character has been entrusted with the duty to save the world from doom.

It Seems Washington joins an organisation named “TENET” which specialized in “Inversion” in order to prevent Global crimes and WW3..

So, as an agent Washington enrolled by Martin Donovan into TENET but warns him the chances of opening of wrong doors showing Elizabeth Debicki as she might be involved with Russian mafia. So, Washington’s one of the tasks might be to tackle with her and to enter in her life.

Then, the on-site training of Washington starts as he wanted to understand the concept of Tenet’s inversion where he understands that some much worse than Armageddon (the last battle) is ahead mentioned by  Clémence Poésy.

One sequence shows him shoot bullets at a wall, only to see the bullet return back into his weapon’s barrel. “You’re not shooting the bullet, you’re catching it,” explains Clémence Poésy.

Then Washington teams up with Pattinson, where both tries to understand “inversion” technique. Here comes the Sir Kenneth Branagh – who also appeared in Dunkirk – plays a “Russian national” who can “communicate with the future”.

So, as a theory that both countries have this time inversion machines, where Tenet tries to stop future crimes using it and to retaliate it Russian mob kills the agents who involves with Tenet.

In an attempt to stop a crime, both Washington and Pattinson involves in the rescue of Elizabeth Debicki from Kenneth (might be a trap or love happens) and Kenneth comes to know about Washington. In the trailer Kenneth asks Washington, “How would you like to die?” and in the next clip mentioned him saying “You chose the wrong profession”.


Here, many fans theories mentioned that both Kenneth and Tenet have this time inversion technology but Kenneth comes to know the ability of Washington and invites him to join with his team.

(Fan’s theory)

Here Dimple Kapadia’s character mentions that “There are people in the future who need us” establishes the theme of Tenet.

The next scene starts in an Opera auditorium where Washington along with Russians enters the auditorium where he tries to rescue one of the American official. Here a deliberately leaked prologue of Tenet, on Reddit establishes the intro of Washington’s character as an agent later might be catch by Russians. (may be here Washington was introduced about inversion for the first time by Russians and trained, later joins the Tenet as a double agent)

TENET Prologue 2 (Recorded in an IMAX 70mm Theater with 1.43:1 AR) from r/tenet

Finally, what we needed to understand here is that we also have to see the trailer in reverse (from 2.50 to 0.00) in order to understand the story that Christopher Nolan wanted to convey.

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