Locked – AHA streaming platform’s latest venture, which is a crime thriller with 7 episodes in its Season 1. This started with a gripping narration of thriller in the first episode, shifted to crime comedy next and slips away its narration while trying to grip the screenplay.

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A Scene from “Locked” web series..

The plot mentioned in AHA streaming site, “A man who is not who he claims to be, two robbers and a few uninvited guests, all trapped and locked in a mansion. With the mastermind always a step ahead and sinister occurrences, will they survive this journey that is sure to leave even the brave ones trembling?

The plot itself portrays the half-baked and flabby narration about the protagonist, Anand who has been praised by his surgical skills but the incidents actually portrays it throughout the series once or twice. It tries to touch the various sub-thriller genres and left them abruptly in the middle.

The cinematography and lighting made it worth watching, but other technical aspects like dubbing and editing were shabby and didn’t help to elevate the scenes. The director maintained the creation of interest but it was only limited to the end of the episode.

There were some loopholes that were not addressed properly, like the unnecessary insertion of police officer’s role mentioning his story which was dropped abruptly. There is no explanation and logic to Keshav’s involvement in Anand’s experimental ventures and his sudden behavior with Fatima seems rushed and the viewer already gets the idea that what’s going to happen with him next.

The displacements of props such as Srilaxmi’s spectacles and inhaler seems to be silly and doesn’t convey the intelligent screenplay thought of the director. The good relief is the consistent and gripping acting by the protagonist, Satyadev who makes the viewer glue to the episodes. The director was unable to make the viewer to feel empathy towards the protagonist even though his Thanos kind attitude for the welfare of future neuro-patients.

The show ends with the statement of “the dark side of the genius” but what made him a genius was not at all convinced by the makers. If a proper answer given by the makers even at the end of the story, it would have given a satisfying feeling to the viewers.

Locked (Trailer)

Writer, Director:  Pradeep Deva Kumar
Producer: KS Madhubala, H Shanmuga Raja
Cast: Satyadev Kancharana, Samyukta, Sri Lakshmi, Aberaam Varma, Keshav Deepak, Bindu Chandramouli, Vasu Inturi, John Kottoly and Rishikanth
Streaming Platform: Aha

(Note: We are against to give ratings to any media content as we are not directly or indirectly involved in the production. We only give our opinion here and we value the struggles faced by film makers.)

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