How often do we get to watch a film about an Indian agent working for the FBI, that too in India? Of course, there’s a small difference. We’re not talking about the Federal Bureau Of Investigation. This Nellore-headquartered operation (near the vegetable market) is the Fathima Bureau Of Investigation.

This outfit is home to an anachronistic detective (played wonderfully by Naveen Polishetty) who doesn’t take no for an answer, even it means getting kicked out by the entire police force. But what this trench coat-wearing, vintage-car driving film noir hero lacks in terms of style, he more than makes with his Sherlockian (he even prays to the man who lives on Baker Street) investigative eye.

Written by the film’s director Swaroop RSJ and Polishetty, the script of this rare comedy is now available for download. Click the download button to get the PDF version of the screenplay.

Download “ASSA – SCRIPT”

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