The Blackmagic Collective Filmmaker Series is designed to provide down to earth guidance for filmmakers of all backgrounds and experience. Professionals will join us each month to share their expertise to help you expand your creative talents, level up your resources for income, and deep dive into the craft of filmmaking. Over the coming months, via Zoom Webinars, we’ll host true experts in independent film making and production, who can not only outline how to approach each segment of the business, but also with ample time allowed for you to ask questions and get real answers. 

Join webinars, during this lock down period commencing from May 7, 2020.

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Chapter One: Forming a Production Company

Whether you are thinking of starting a production company to make your films or to bring in a steady flow of music or commercial clients this event is for you. Learn from those who have created successful indie companies from the ground up.  Our panelists include producers from the film and music worlds; as well as a tax specialist who can answer all your questions about which corporation entity is right for you and give insight on how the new AB5 law will effect all of us.

Now is the time to get your plan in action so when we are back in the world you are ready to rock!

Chapter Two: Pitching Your Project

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