Blackmagic Collective offering free webinars about Film making as “Film making series”. In this series, the chapter 3: Everything Screenplays & What makes one great” webinar has happened on July 9th.

“The script is the most important aspect of the project.” There’s a reason we hear that ad nauseum. The failures of feature projects to even obtain distribution much less box office success often lies in the production team starting with a script that isn’t ready or just plain isn’t good.

We know we must start with a good script, but do we know what makes a good script? Marketability? The Characters? The Story? And should we write it ourselves or find one? And where do we find one?

Hear from film and TV writers and producers on which of their projects succeeded or failed and why they believe that to be the case. They will also give tips and tricks on how to tap into your network to option a great project, as well as thoughts on how to know if your idea is worth the time to write it yourself. Whether a director or producer looking for your next project or a writer looking for inspiration, this is a panel for you!

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